ICSEI Congress 2025


February 10-14, 2025

ICSEI 2025 Congress Venue – The University of Melbourne

Theme and Context for the Congress

ICSEI 2025 in Melbourne will take place in a time of uncertainty and opportunity. This conference will explore international perspectives on the ways education around the world is redefining itself in classrooms, schools, communities and systems. ICSEI 2025 will be a forum to present, discuss and debate new research, policy analysis, and practical innovation in the context of school effectiveness and improvement as schools continue to transform themselves for the future. School effectiveness and improvement provide a unique context to rethink the purpose and possibilities of schooling through the roles of learners, teachers, school leaders, policymakers, and academics.

ICSEI’s purpose is advancing the quality and equity of education by promoting and contributing to the improvement and effectiveness of schools and other educational institutions. The congress theme “Redefining Education: Purpose and Possibility” brings together understanding the past and imagining the future of school education. ICSEI 2025 aims to be an enriching and interactive opportunity for school effectiveness and improvement scholars and experts to exchange knowledge, ideas, and solutions in a fragile world. The congress will explore multiple perspectives and approaches to rethinking the purpose of early childhood and school education, strengthening collaborations across the world between research, policy and practice, exploring the interfaces between humans and machines in education, innovations and impact in policy and practice, and promoting diversity, inclusivity, and sustainability in transforming education. Schools and schooling are complex.

ICSEI embraces the complexity and is always looking for connections and synergies that honour that complexity. ICSEI 2025 provides a space where different opinions and different perspectives are respected – not passively but intentionally through building personal trust among individuals and groups so that the many facets of our work can be listened to, extended, challenged, pondered and translated into policy and practice. This congress is designed to be true to these essential values of ICSEI and its communities.

ICSEI Congress Sub-themes

  • Rethinking the purpose of education in a world in transition
  • Connecting the global south and global north through research, policy and practice
  • Education and the fifth industrial revolution: the interface between humans and machines
  • Promoting diversity, inclusivity, and sustainability in transforming education
  • Innovations and impact in educational policy and practice
Key Dates
  • April 30 – Call for proposals available
  • May 2 – Proposal submission system open
  • June 10 – Registration opens
  • July 1 – Proposal submission deadline
  • August 15 – Notification of successful proposals
  • 10 February 2025 – Pre-conference sessions
  • February 11 – 14 – Main conference